Alex Moscatelli

Alexander Moscatelli has been involved with music since he was a child growing up on the east coast. He devoted seven years of his early life to the piano and by the age of ten had already performed at the original House of Blues in Cambridge, Massachusetts. By middle school, Alex’s attention shifted to drums. He continued to study and perform the drums throughout high school where he excelled in his school’s band programs. Upon graduating, Alex traveled across the country to attend the Musicians Institute where he obtained an Associate of Arts degree in percussion performance.
Alex Moscatelli with Broken Decency

Soultone artist Alex Moscatelli with his band Broken Decency playing "Mouth of Razors"
Guitar: Daniel
Bass: Ryo
Alex is using 15" Vinatge hats, 18" Gospel china, 19" Gospel crash, 20" Gospel ride, 20" FXO 6B3

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